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Our Roots

Café Jibaro & The Farm

Múcaro’s original 33 acre farm is on the El Barrio Tanama in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico at 2373 feet above sea level with a river running through it. With latitude and longitude creating climate zones that are ideal for coffee growing, Café Jibaro, the original family recipe was created from these single origin source beans. Utilizing Arabica beans, ecologically sound processing and our traditions and “secret” blend, this strong, medium to dark body coffee is a delight to every palette featuring citrus notes and chocolate-almond flavor profiles.

For many years Hacienda Burgos Rodriguez welcomed guests to the farm prior to Hurricane Maria, where it was severely damaged and our crops, destroyed. As we rebuild the farm and crops, we will keep you posted on our progress and continue to source from our partners in Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, India and Africa.

Múcaro’s own origins are the result of the Burgos and Rodriguez families coming together to purchase and develop the original property in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico.

Meet the Múcaro Team

David Belmar

Leading the Múcaro team and lab is President & CEO David Belmar, an internationally renown roaster, producer and distributor who’s passion is developing single origin masterpieces and artful blends for Múcaro and our private label partners. David is also a top trainer and technology guru who is obsessed with creating great coffee, best brewing practices, every cup, every time. A third generation expert, David also is the curator behind our most dynamic restaurant private label blends. david@mucarocoffees.com

Paul Imbrone

Central operations are spearheaded by Paul Imbrone of PHI and Associates, who grounds Múcaro’s production capabilities with senior management expertise in retail operations, legislative and governmental legal affairs. A former executive of one of America’s leading retail giants, Paul is known for his wisdom and insight in leading the Múcaro team and lab to new heights. paul@mucarocoffees.com