Professional Coffee Event Services

As coffee growers and crafters, we offer an arrangement of various roasted coffee blends to perfectly match the setting and mood of your event. Our blends have subtle notes of chocolate, almonds, berries and floral.  These blends can be prepared in any of the following roast categories:

  • Medium Light

  • Medium Roast

  • Medium Dark Roast

  • Dark Roast

With Múcaro Event Services you can rest assured everything will be taken care of.  Just let us know which roasts fits your event the best, and we will make it happen.  

Whether you're throwing an intimate house gathering or a large corporate event, our Professional Event Services can accommodate you with our tiered packages.


We offer our standard and seasonal blends to individuals and business' whom wish to purchase larger quantities of our Coffee Beans.

We are currently offering Múcaro Coffees SoFlo, La Isla Bonita and 90 Miles to Havana in two and five pounds as whole bean.

Professional Barista Training

At Múcaro Coffees, we strive to share our passion for the perfect espresso drink experience and delightful pour overs. To do this we offer training services to your staff members.  

Our training courses are tailored to be quick and thorough. We spend a lot of time instructing your new Barista on the magic and craftsmanship that goes into that perfect cup of coffee.  In addition we teach them how to maintenance coffee equipment daily.  This allows your business to get the most from your equipment investments.

Custom Coffee Blending Services

We rehearse with beans from all over the world daily.  This diverse experience allows us to stay creative and innovative with our blends. With Múcaro Custom Coffee Blending Services, you can create your very own coffee blend exclusive to you and your brand.  This level of personalization can bring that extra wow factor to your clients.  In addition to custom coffee blends, we offer custom label packaging for an extra charge.

Espresso Machine Parts and Accessories

Múcaro Coffees strives to help you keep your investment in optimal conditions. Our maintenance services are affordable and detailed.

Contact Us today if you are interested in any of our Services.