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Experience a rich cup of coffee with notes of dark chocolate, caramel and a hint of hazelnut. Taking traditional South Florida (or Latin American) Cafecito to the next level.

Taking tradition to the next level experiencing a rich (or bold) cup of coffee combing dark chocolate, carameland hazelnut notes to give you a taste of SouthFlorida.

Mucaro Coffees

Passionately Blended

To become the conversation starter by passionately crafting the perfect cup of specialty coffee, one roast at a time. 

Múcaro Coffees is the leading producer of specialty coffees, single origin delicacies, innovative technology and equipment all designed to elevate the coffee experience with passionately blended coffees that offer unique taste and flavor profiles.  As a third generation producer, we are committed to every cup being an exceptional coffee experience. As such, our sourcing and producing standards are unsurpassed. Mucaro is also certified kosher.

Our US lab and custom roasting center sources only the best, fresh, eco-sensitive harvested beans from our international partners, helping to support social impact programs for the growers, origin farms and families who struggle to earn a living wage.


Certified by numerous global associations, Mucaro gives back through social responsibility platforms and also frequently offers training, credentialing and certification programs on-site and on-line for baristas, other producers, roasters, coffee fanatics and fans.

Mucaro Coffees, protecting our farms, beans, growers, roasters and producers who with every purchase, can give you a coffee experience that is exceptional every cup, every time!


Barista Training Lab

At Múcaro coffees we are committed to education, we think it’s important to transmit our passion and knowledge to others. We are dedicate to educate and train anyone interested in becoming a coffee professional. We offer baristas workshops and on-site training for business. We also are an SCA Premier campus offering classes thru the Coffee Skills Program. In this way we help the specialty coffee industry to keep growing.

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