Who We Are

Múcaro Coffees is a fully vertically integrated specialty coffee company dedicated to the improvement of the coffee community in South Florida, and the Hispanic business community while improving the business’ bottom line. We are first and foremost a world-class client servicing company complemented with coffee in a market where customer service has vanished. Our headquarters is in Miami, Florida, where we specialize in importing only the best green coffee from South America, Ethiopia, and Africa. We craft exclusive private labels for unique clients in the Miami area. Múcaro Coffees Private Label Specialty Coffees are the finest representation of our traditions and heritage, with a delicious, smooth, and consistent flavor that will conquer yours and your unique clientele’s palate. We are committed to providing you with a delectable experience every single time and promise to deliver the unsurpassed taste of top-quality coffee with every sip. Múcaro Coffees only selects Premium Single Origin coffee cherries under the most rigorous Quality Control standards.

Our Services

  • Intermediate and Professional Barista, Roasters and Brewing SCA Approved courses with its respective certifications

  • Cross-Marketing Partnerships with Private Labeling

  • Coffee Blending Consulting and Review Services

  • Institutional Wholesale Distribution.

  • State-of-the-Art Coffee Equipment Sales

  • In-House Servicing Department

Our Clients

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